CN-ECT for Mathematics: Classroom Networks - Educational Collaboration Technology for Mathematics

Presented by Mr Nur Johari and Mr Edmund Ng
Student Presenters: (1) Dapito Michelle Anne Therese D (2) Naveena Menon (3) Lee Si Yuan (4) Ngoui Yong Zhau Preston (5) Shawn Lieu Hong Wei (6) Harindrar
Time: 11.40 am to 12.15 pm
Venue: 03-29

Students’ demonstrated gains in knowledge, skills and changes in attitudes through the successful use of the different software in the completion of the CN-ECT activities in Mathematics. These CN-ECT learning activities comprised gathering and sharing information in the classroom and networked public space where students could present solutions to the problems they were attempting to solve. Teachers’ played the role of CN-ECT activity designers and worked collaboratively with students, colleagues as well as IHL research partners in designing CN-ECT activities. They were also instrumental in the refinement of the activities, through reflection and conferences with stakeholders.


CN-ECT for Language Learning: Collaborative Language Classrooms with Group Scribbles

Presented by Ms Jamie Tan and Ms Zuraida Zakaria
Time: 1.55 pm to 2.30 pm
Venue: 03-28

To foster students’ collaboration, communication and critical thinking (3Cs) competencies in the English and Higher Chinese curriculum, the school employed Group Scribbles (GS); a tools for thinking about and realizing collaborative learning activities. Lessons were designed using rapid collaborative knowledge improvement (RCKI) principles and pedagogies. Findings have shown that students improved on the collaborative and communication skills through the regular use of GS. Regular post-lesson conferences between the researcher and teacher helped further refine the lessons.

    Showcase: Mobile Learning Activities to Foster Critical Thinking Skills and In-situ Knowledge Building in Integrated Humanities

    Teachers-in-charge: Mr Aurelius Yeo, Ms Jennifer Tay and Mr James Koh
    Student Presenters: (1) Ho Yan Jin (2) Eunice Loo (3) Hardy Shein Nyein Chan (4) Rayner Tan (5) Gavin Lim (6) Ho Jun Hui (7) Bevan Koo (8) Lee Yu Chong
    Venue: Booth A2

    Examine how the research initiative that explores the affordances of 1-to-1 mobile technologies coupled with pedagogical considerations helped students develop critical thinking skills and subject knowledge in the integrated humanities curricula in SST.

      Showcase: Cyber Wellness Programme @ SST

      Teacher-in-charge: Mr Nur Johari
      Presented by: Tan Xiao Fang, Cherin (2) See To Yu Xiang (3) Karan Sarat

      Cyber Wellness is an integral part of mp3 to promote the well-being of our students as we encourage the use of technology for learning and teaching.

      In June 2011, SST received the the Cyber Wellness STudent Ambassador Recognition (STAR) Award for the cyber wellness programmes at the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors’ Conference 2011.

      Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors will share with the approach and programmes that we have in the school.

      Visit the SST C.W.A.T Facebook Page for updates & more resources!

      Click HERE to view some of the Cyber Wellness Programmes carried out by us...

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